Love Sick Season 1 Episode 10 Review

The episode opens with a beautiful shot of Noh and Phun at the beach taking in the sun rise. It is in a very obvious blue palette. I will talk about this scene later in my analysis below. Back at the all-gay school, I mean, all-boy school, we see the Angel’s gang sitting together andContinue reading “Love Sick Season 1 Episode 10 Review”

Love Sick Season 1 Episode 9 Review

Synopsis The intro song is different here. Instead of Shake, we get the much somber “Passed” by Gunsmile. First scene is an in-show ad with our lovely boy Per. I know he looks unattractive here but trust me, he will grow into a very handsome young man. He is one of several former Love SickContinue reading “Love Sick Season 1 Episode 9 Review”

Why My Day The Series is a Disney Fairy Tale

Mabuhay! That’s how they say cheers in Tagalog, a fitting way to start this blog about the Pinoy BL series My Day (#MyDayTheSeries). When the My Day trailer first came out, we all noticed the Disney-esque vibe of the show. After finishing the series, I decided to write a blog about how the show adoptsContinue reading “Why My Day The Series is a Disney Fairy Tale”

Love Sick Season 1 Episode 8

[Raikantopini….! I am back! 😊 I hope to keep the blog going now at least until the beginning of January!] They kiss!!! Yes!!! MCOT dealt with a backlash because of this scene but more on that later! Moan is sick. Mo has a home economics assignment she needs to finish, an embroidery in a pairContinue reading “Love Sick Season 1 Episode 8”

Love sick Season 1 Episode 6

Synopsis (Note: I am not splitting this between convent and non-convent story lines!) The episode opens up with Bee meeting up with the one kid from Pang’s group who gave him his line ID and the kid’s mom. (Side note: What is Bee wearing? Ugh!) They are having dinner in a restaurant that is aboardContinue reading “Love sick Season 1 Episode 6”