Love Sick: Season 2 Episode 3

Synopsis (BL couples) There is a pool party. The boys celebrate that the school won the match. How do they celebrate? Drinking alcohol! Earn is still upset that Noh never showed up to give him drinks during the match. “I waited for nothing”, he notes. Is there something weird going on between Pete and Earn?Continue reading “Love Sick: Season 2 Episode 3”

Young Royals: To BL or NOT to BL?

I recently finished watching Young Royals. In this post, I want to review it for you and address whether it is a BL or not. As you know, I have a very strict definition of what a BL is, so read on to find out if I consider this to be the first Western BL…Continue reading “Young Royals: To BL or NOT to BL?”

Love Sick Season 2 Episode 1

Main story line We get a cold opening that shows Noh living with Phun. Phun serves him breakfast. I don’t know if it’s me but the eggs and the sausages look rather suggestive in the plate. Phun makes a comment that sounds like a double entendre that is lost in translation. Is P’Andy being sexualContinue reading “Love Sick Season 2 Episode 1”

Looking back: Seven years of Love Sick…

(7/19/2021 EDIT: The original article had the airing date of Love sick wrong, which is weird considering that elsewhere in this site I have it correctly listed as 2014. I apparently confused the airing of S2 with S1. My apologies!) In July of this year, Love Sick turns 7 years old! The series, which firstContinue reading “Looking back: Seven years of Love Sick…”

Love Sick Season 1 Episode 9 Review

Synopsis The intro song is different here. Instead of Shake, we get the much somber “Passed” by Gunsmile. First scene is an in-show ad with our lovely boy Per. I know he looks unattractive here but trust me, he will grow into a very handsome young man. He is one of several former Love SickContinue reading “Love Sick Season 1 Episode 9 Review”