Love Sick Season 1 Episode 9 Review

Phun gives Noh an Asunaro daki, the Yaoi equivalent of sweeping a woman off her feet. It is a popular romantic gesture in Japan.


The intro song is different here. Instead of Shake, we get the much somber “Passed” by Gunsmile.

First scene is an in-show ad with our lovely boy Per. I know he looks unattractive here but trust me, he will grow into a very handsome young man. He is one of several former Love Sick actors who went on to sign with GMMTV.

Noh stops by Phun. He brings in a backpack because he wants to spend the night. Phun thinks he wants to run away. Me thinks, he wants more of Phun’s sweet manly nectar. Or maybe I am confusing Phun with White and Noh with myself.

Noh sits in Phun’s desk and looks at his computer. Aim has sent a message to Phun: Do you still love me Phun? Phun hasn’t answered. Noh answers for him: “Of course”.

Phun and Noh leave to go to the beach for food and to spend the night. They walk down the stairs holding hands. Both the maid and Pang wait at the bottom of the stairs and seem to be happy to see them go out together. The maid is a low-key shipper. Pang is already a crazy fujoshi. Anyway, they head out in Phun’s car. I wrote something very important in my notes: “I love seeing White in those shorts”. Yeah, just wanted to share that with you.

In the convent storyline, Aim, Yuri and company are doing a play to promote safe sex. They make a passing reference to the show Hormones (“that’s from another series!”), which aired on rival network GMM.  

Now the three girls who have “BFs” are sitting in the couch together. Mo and Yuri try to offer support to Aim who is heartbroken. Mo says to Aim “Any girl who steals Phun from you must be very confident” (hahaha, have you met Noh?). Aim tells Mo “You [and Moan] are so in love”. Mo says, “love my ass, we just had a big fight!” That made Aim smile. Misery loves company.

The Music Club is still trying to get money so the club president doesn’t have to sell his body to the school council secretary. Little do they know, it is too late.

Noh and Phun go to the beach town of Bang Saen to eat. White’s shorts are killing me. He is a gorgeous man. Fun fact: He looks even better now. He is like wine, the older he gets, the better he looks. I wish he would still wear shorts like that in his shows.

I have two questions: is it really that easy for a minor to get a beer in Thailand? And how can Noh be so skinny when he eats that much?

At the beach, two older gay men hit on the boys. Yes, we get the obligatory older, predatory gay character. If they look familiar is because we have seen them in a previous episode and because one of them, Cheewin Thanamin Wongskulphat, played Cristina in MIR (He is also one of the directors of MIR and the director of Why R U and YYY among others). The whole point of their interaction with the boys is that they get to ask them if they have girlfriends. Both boys say yes. When the gays leave,  Noh asks “How are you and Aim doing?”. Phun says, “fine”. “Good, I thought the back door will make you forget the front”. The first time I saw this I burst out laughing so hard. Then I had to go back and re-read it to make sure I understood it right. LOL Then I laughed again. Phun’s reaction is even better. He looks at Noh’s ass and says, “No”. LOL Phun is so bad. He clearly wants more of that, Noh!

Back in Bangkok, Sharp says those words no woman ever wants to hear: “I am not rich”. While Grace can’t hide her disgust, Jeed tries to act indifferent at first or at least until Sharp drops the bomb: He is not paying tuition at the Gay School but is on a scholarship. Ah, Sharp surely knows how to be unsexy. Suddenly Jeeds feels like all that sex appeal Sharp had is gone. He is just a country-side boy with a hot body. Apparently, no one in the Convent school wants that. What a shame! If I was a woman, that’s exactly what I want: a hard-working, good looking, smart and athletic boyfriend.

Jeed and “Sharp” break up. I am happy. Sharp is a tool and Jeed is a vampire that sucks the money out of hot innocent Friday College boys. Do you know how rare it is to find a straight boy at that school? She is lucky!

Drunk Noh dances like a crazy person. I like drunk Noh. He is fun.

Noh and Phun sit by the each. It is a sweet scene, not because of what is said but because of what is not said.

A pair of effeminate guys trick Per into given them the money from the Club. He is an idiot. Why are Kathoey represented as scheming and evil characters?

Back at the Gay College, Earn and Pete have a moment that makes you think something could happen between them. Earn tells Pete that he needs to call his mom. He then proceeds to call Noh. After White, Ngern is the actor who I think has the most sex appeal in Love sick. Ngern makes dark-skin colored Asian men proud. Sadly, colorism is still alive and well in Thailand, and Ngern hasn’t gotten the attention he deserves. Frankly, he is one of the most attractive actors in the show and one of the better actors. He should be a lead in a BL series. He also has the cutest puppy eyes, but I digress.

Phun and Noh spend the night in Bang Saen. Noh offers to pay for the room later. Yeah, right Noh, I know how you are paying. LOL. We get a romantic back hug. Seriously, I once read an article about how in Japan this is considered the most romantic gesture you can do. Kudos to Love Sick for paying tribute to its Yaoi origins.

Phun’s phone rings. It is Aim. Phun doesn’t want to answer. She calls Noh too. Phun tells Noh he wants it to just be them tonight. No girls. I agree.

Noh thinks it is his fault that Phun is fighting with Aim. Phun confesses: “I am a horrible person. I have Aim but I want you”. FUDANSHI SCREAM. Phun then tells Noh the truth: He already had sex with Aim. In the analysis below, I will explain why this is relevant. “Aim is a girl. You have to [take care of her]. I am a guy, [don’t worry about me]”, replies Noh. Then, Noh tries to joke about it but then he simply says “Phun” and they hug, Noh cries…. I think I cried when I saw this the first time. Noh is so innocent.   “Can you not let me go until tomorrow morning?” Yeah, I cried. In a RARE Noh voiceover: “It barely takes any time to fall in love, so why is it such a complete torture when it’s time we need to say goodbye?”

Closing Credit Quote: “It barely takes any time to fall in love, so why is it such a complete torture when it’s time we need to say goodbye?”

Quote of the episode: “I thought the back door will make you forget the front”, Noh to Phun.


The mood for this episode is set early on by the choice of song for the title sequence: Passed by Gunsmile is a song that talks about how we should remember the past times, good and bad. It is a song about letting go of the past without forgetting it.

At Phun’s house, Noh takes over Phun’s computer. This shows us how far the trust between them has come. Phun doesn’t care what Noh does in his computer and Noh takes over Phun’s instant messenger and answers Aim’s question for Phun. Aim had asked if Phun still loves her, to which Noh replies “of course”. In the book, Noh struggles with feelings of guilt. He sees himself as “the other”, and he sees Aim as the person who is right for Phun. This struggle will continue into next season and is key to understanding Noh’s actions throughout the series.

At the beach, we hear Noh ask Phun directly if he “had forgotten the front” now that he tried the back. This is the first time the characters in the series talk directly about having sex. Noh is concerned that Phun liked his little ass so much that he would forget about Aim. At the hotel, Phun says it himself, “I am a horrible person. I have Aim but I want you”. Phun then confirms to Noh that he had sex with Aim. Why is this important? Because in Thai culture, if a man has sex with a woman and takes her virginity, he is supposed to “take care of her”. This is why Noh insist to Phun that he is fine and that Phun doesn’t need to worry about him. I think Phun is conflicted because he took Noh’s virginity and he took Aim’s virginity so who should he protect? Eventually, Noh breaks down and admits to feeling vulnerable. He asks Phun, “Can you not let me go until tomorrow morning?”. This is followed by what I recall is the only Noh voiceover in the entire series: “It barely takes any time to fall in love, so why is it such a complete torture when it’s time we need to say goodbye?”. I really want to stand up and do the slow clap here because truer words have never been spoken. We can fall in love much easier than we can fall out of love.

The whole scene gives you the impression that these are two lovers who are spending their last night together.

In the convnet school storyline, Khorn (Aka Sharp) tells Jeed and her friends that he is not rich. I guess, based on their reaction, that this is something no self-respecting convent school student wants to hear. Jeed breaks up with Khorn. I have now lost track of how many times I wanted to slap Jeed or how many times I wanted to smack Khorn. I swear that if you look up in the American Slang dictionary, there is a picture of Khorn next to the word Tool. Of course, there is one of Jeed next to the words for bitch, vampire, and gold-digger.

Earn and Pete get their first “moment” in the series. They are all sweaty and salty and Pete tells Earn they should shower. If I were Earn I had jump in with Pete in the shower anytime. Pete is sexy but Earn, especially salty and sweaty Earn, is too delicious to pass on. But of course, Earn is too interested in a boy named Noh, so he has no interest in showering with Pete.

Once more heartbreak seems to be at the core of all the stories here. Mo and Moan have broken up. Aim and Phun are in flux. Khorn and Jeed break up. Pete is being ignored by Earn. Noh and Phun have decided not to see each other again. I thought it was interesting when Aim, Yuri, and Mo are all sitting on the couch, talking about boys, because they all have one thing in common: they are in one sided relationships.

This episode features two important romantic gestures. As the Seme, Phun pulls Noh away to go to the beach. He grabs his hands and tells him “Let’s go”. This gesture, grabbing someone’s arm and pulling them, is known as ude-gui in Japanese. It is one of several romantic gestures popular in Japanese manga. The other romantic gesture is the Asunaro daki, the back hug. When Noh gets to the hotel room, he goes to the balcony and stands there to take in the fresh air. Noh yells, “Sabai” (nice/good/cool). As he is enjoying the fresh air, Phun comes from behind and embraces him. In Japan this type of embrace, the Asunaro daki, is considered one of the most romantic gestures. I don’t think this is coincidence! Clearly the producers of the show are giving a nod to the Japanese origins of BL.

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