Love Sick: Season 2 Episode 3

Synopsis (BL couples) There is a pool party. The boys celebrate that the school won the match. How do they celebrate? Drinking alcohol! Earn is still upset that Noh never showed up to give him drinks during the match. “I waited for nothing”, he notes. Is there something weird going on between Pete and Earn?Continue reading “Love Sick: Season 2 Episode 3”

Young Royals: To BL or NOT to BL?

I recently finished watching Young Royals. In this post, I want to review it for you and address whether it is a BL or not. As you know, I have a very strict definition of what a BL is, so read on to find out if I consider this to be the first Western BL…Continue reading “Young Royals: To BL or NOT to BL?”

Season 2 Episode 2

The school gets ready for the soccer game, as we see the convent girls and the Friday College boys arriving. Jeed is dressed like she is going clubbing. She wants to go to the hot dog stand (surprised?) and asks Grace if she wants something. Oh, Jeed trying to to suck up to Grace, funny.Continue reading “Season 2 Episode 2”

And the best BL series ever is…

I think if I had a penny for every time someone asked me, “What is the best BL series you have watched?”, I would have at least… ten dollars? Seriously, the most common questions in BL forums are “What is your favorite BL?”, “What is the best BL series?”, “What do you recommend?” and variationsContinue reading “And the best BL series ever is…”