A beginners guide to Thai BL

I found myself scratching my head the very first time I watched a Thai BL. I struggled understanding certain customs, phrases and traditions. Also, when visiting websites or reading about Thai BL, I found many unfamiliar terms. Here, I will try to define the most common terms used to talk about BL and also giveContinue reading “A beginners guide to Thai BL”

Love sick Season 1 Episode 2

Noh-Phun Plot Summary Noh is in what appears to be the student’s lounge area (Friday College kids have money, so of course they have a student lounge with computers and video games). Noh is still shocked at Phun’s proposal.  Look at who is sitting next to Noh in the lounge room? Best Kan! I thinkContinue reading “Love sick Season 1 Episode 2”

Lovesick: The series (Synopsis)

Often called “The Mother of all BL shows”, Lovesick was the first true BL series ever aired in Thailand and the first show of its kind aired anywhere in the world. To this date, five years after the end of its original run, Lovesick remains a unique show with only a handful of shows whichContinue reading “Lovesick: The series (Synopsis)”

A brief history of Thai BL

Love Sick and the rise of Thai BL In 2013, a teen soap opera (lakorn) called Hormones became hugely popular in Thailand. In its first season, Hormones featured a BL side story. Surprisingly, the BL side story was popular and perhaps provided the template for an idea that would proof to be successful, the mergingContinue reading “A brief history of Thai BL”