Lovesick: The series (Synopsis)

Often called “The Mother of all BL shows”, Lovesick was the first true BL series ever aired in Thailand and the first show of its kind aired anywhere in the world. To this date, five years after the end of its original run, Lovesick remains a unique show with only a handful of shows which have aired since then that can come anywhere close to its candid depiction of teenage angst, lust and the anguish that comes with first love.

Phun is the school’s student council treasurer. Noh is the president of the music club. When the student council cuts the music club budget, Noh goes to Phun to request that they reinstate their budget. To Noh’s surprise, Phun asks him to be his boyfriend in exchange for the favor. Noh walks out but later, in a desperate attempt to get money for his club to buy new instruments they need, he goes back to Phun and asks if he heard him well. Phun explains that his dad, a powerful politician, wants him to date the daughter of a political ally. Phun already has a girlfriend, Aim, who he has been dating for a while. Because Phun sister is a Fujoshi, a girl who likes yaoi, Phun thinks that if he can convince his sister that he is dating a guy, she will then help him talk to his dad for him. Phun explains that his dad will surely listen to her. In the original novel we later learn that Phun has liked Noh for a long time and this plan was his way to get closer to Noh. Eventually, the boys develop real feelings for each other and their relationship blossoms into more than friendship very quickly.

This first season of Love Sick has 12 episodes. This blog is mostly dedicated to this series. I have reviewed all Season 1 episodes and I have now started to review the Season 2 episodes.

Click here for a review of the first episode of Love Sick!

The kiss that changed everything (and also caused a lot of controversy at the time). I discuss this scene in my Episode 8 Review

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