Lovesick Season 1 Episode 4

Dr. Noh gives Phun his medicine: A dose of LOVE 😉 This shot is a Fujoshi’s and Fudanshi’s dream come true!


Noh wakes up with a rash. Apparently, the soap the boys used to wash the bike gave him some kind of reaction.  He goes downstairs to say goodbye to his mom and his house servants before he leaves for school. Note that the servants are much darker than Noh’s mom or Noh. Colorism is prevalent in Thailand. Notice also how the servants appear to be portrayed as “dumb” (e.g. the egg joke). I know this scene is supposed to be funny (you can tell by the music) but I felt genuinely bad for the servant who made the eggs for Noh and he did not want them (is that peasant’s food?).

Noh realizes he left his watch at Phun’s house. He calls Phun, who is still sleeping. Apparently, Phun is not feeling well.

In school, the Kathoey Chorus talks about who is the hottest guy in school. Is it Phun, Earn or Khom? Note the fat jokes and how the kathoey, especially the overweight one, are treated as class clowns.

Contrast the gay and unathletic kathoey with the school swimming team in the following scene. Khom wins a practice race in school. Nueng, one of his teammates, is unhappy about it and tells Khom that he let him win on purpose. Whatever Nueng. Whatever.

Worried about Phun, Noh goes to his house and decides to pull a prank on him by ringing the doorbell many times in a row. One of Phun’s house servants comes out to greet Noh and asks him who was ringing the doorbell so many times. Noh learns from this servant that Phun is sick. Noh tricks the servant into going out to look for the kid who was playing with the doorbell earlier. To the audience this is comical because it should be obvious that it was Noh. Once more, servants are treated as a joke. Noh even sticks his tongue out afterwards, perhaps as a sign of childish playfulness or as mockery.

Cultural note: Notice as Noh walks upstairs, he seems scared of the statue (Why?)

Noh goes to Phun’s room. He finds Phun sleeping. In his nightstand, there is some anti-allergy medication. He realizes Phun is allergic to the soap they used to clean Noh’s bike. Phun is glad that Noh is worried enough about him that he stopped by but Noh tells him he is just there for his watch. He goes and grabs his watch but then decides to stay and hang around Phun. He notices Phun is still itchy, like Noh was in the morning. “Didn’t you put any ointment?”, he asks Phun. Phun replies that he is too lazy to do that. Noh decides to help Phun by putting the ointment on him. What follows is another classic Lovesick scene, with Phun taking his shirt off and Noh putting the ointment all over Phun’s body. The first part of this scene, with Noh putting the ointment on Phun’s back is pretty awkward. This is in part due to Captain’s constant (and distracting) head shaking. It has been clearly established that Noh is somewhat self-conscious and homophobic, Captain does not need to reinforce this characteristic anymore with his headshaking and his disgust face. Noh puts the lotion on Phun like Phun was some kind of radioactive monster. Thankfully, Noh later capitulates and puts the ointment on Phun without much complaining. Phun then turns around and asks Noh if he could do the front. He acquiesces and as Noh puts his hands on Phun’s chest, he feels his heart beating fast, like my heart would if I was the one with my hand on White’s chest LOL. Noh finds Phun’s heartbeat annoying. Why? LOL I always see this part and I think of the song, Shake. The chorus of the song says “my heart shakes like this when you are around”. Anyway, Noh does something unexpected and funny afterwards but you do get the feeling for a second that they do like each other. The scene is just cute overall.

Om calls Noh to see where he is. Noh gives him a generic excuse: “I had to do some stuff”. Om is bewildered. Stuff? What Stuff? Noh hangs up to take care of Phun’s fever. His fever is spiking. I don’t know what allergies and fevers have to do with each other but oh well, let’s just not overanalyze the science in this show. I assure you, none of the medical stuff shown here is accurate LOL Noh tries to give Phun his medication but instead, ends up in Phun’s chest and Phun locks onto him like a Polar Bear. “Do you want your medication?”, Noh asks sleepy Phun. No, Noh, he already has his medication: YOU. LOL

Goldfish! We see goldfish! But don’t get too excited. Nothing has happened… yet. (If you don’t get this joke, don’t worry, I will explain later).

Noh sleeps on Phuns arms. It is so tender. This is what we Fudanshis and Fujoshis live for. Phun wakes up and asks Noh what happened. He apologizes, but somehow I don’t believe him. Phun did that on purpose LOL He wanted Noh in his arms!

Aim calls Phun. She wants to go shopping. Phun says he is not feeling well but Aim insists. He tells her that he will see her after school. Noh apologizes to Phun. “For what?”, Phun asks Noh. Noh explains that if he had not forgotten his bike then none of this would have happened and Phun wouldn’t have missed school today. This scene has terrible sound by the way. It sounds like they are underwater.

Noh and Phun are outside the house. Phun is waiting for a taxi. Noh is not happy that Phun has decided to go forward with his plan to see Aim. He volunteers to tell Aim that Phun is sick. Phun insist that he can do this. Once more, the scene has really bad quality audio. Phun gets into a taxicab and leaves. Noh follows him in another taxicab.

We then get a montage of Noh following Phun all over Siam (Paragon?). In one scene, a guy and a girl pass Phun by and then stop to look at him. White does this sexy thing he does with his hair. I love that the guy looked at Phun too. Clearly, he can make anyone gay. Well, to be fair, I was gay before I saw White but I think I could have become gay just for him. He is so hot and his hair is amazing. Sometimes, I think White’s hair needs to have a show all on its own. Sorry, I digress.

Eventually, Phun meets aim and Noh keeps following him and stalks them. He could be a private detective.

Convent School

At the convent school, Jeed and Mo hang outside with Mo’s boyfriend’s gang. BTW You heard it right, the one guys name is Beer. LOL Anyway, Jeed asks Mo is Moen drives her to school every day. Mo says not always but he did so today because he is aware that Mo is still pissed about what happened at Aim’s birthday party. He is afraid that she will try to see other people, so he drove her to school today to keep an eye on her. Mo tells Jeed if she was really mad at him, she would “cut it off”. Mo and I think alike, we are twin souls.

Back at Friday College, Khom texts back and forth with Jeed at school. They have a date in the evening. The gang makes fun of him.

DELETED SCENE (NOT AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX VERSION): The girls at the convent school look at a picture of two guys on one of their cellphones. They talk about how the two guys are a made-up couple (I think it most be Shay and Pop). The girls complain about how sad it is that the guys don’t need them. They say this is a new thing. Yuri joins the group but the girls make fun of her for not understanding what is supposedly going on in the picture. They explain that there is a lot of romance going on in Friday College. Yuri states the obvious, “but it is an all-boy school”. LOL Yuri is so innocent. She then says Noh will never do that. The girls then remind her that Noh spend the night at Phun (word gets around I guess). They wonder if perhaps they spend the night hugging each other (they did). Aim does not find it funny and she walks away. My heart does ache a little for these two girls. These boys will really rip the girls’ hearts out. I am not being facetious here. Unlike other people, I find the character of Yuri very likeable and I really suffered along her, but we will get to that much later (season 2). END OF DELETED SCENE

Pang is in acting class with her girlfriends. They are all fujoshis. They scream as two of the guys play out a love scene (is it from a manga? The character’s names are Japanese).  The two guys are Pop and Shay who also go to Friday College. The girls ship them very hard. We also have a random character, who is actually pretty handsome, who comes and asks the teacher to let him play the “heroine”. The teacher then asks him “hero?”. “No”, he makes it clear again, “heroine”. LOL I have no idea why this scene is here but maybe they were trying to talk a bit about trans-gendered individuals? IDK Sometimes the editing in this show is very messy, with scenes that go absolutely nowhere.

Ending quote: “Your best friends love you when you forget to love yourself”


This was a short episode. The overarching theme for this episode is deception. After Moen’s gang leaves Mo at school, Jeed asks Mo if she is not afraid of girls in school finding out that she lives with Moen. Mo says she doesn’t care. Jeed seems perplexed. We will see later that she cares a lot about what people think of her. In the homeroom, Khom tries to hide that he is going on a date with Jeed, but his friends find out and tease him. Khom replies that he did not want them to find out because he was afraid of their reaction. In the beginning, Phun tells Aim the truth, that he doesn’t feel well, but when Aim insist that they go out, he acquiesces and lies about feeling better (to Noh). Noh can see through this lie. In addition, Noh deceives the servant at his house and also at Phun’s house.

This episode has one of the most memorable scenes of the season, with Noh and Phun sort of playing around in the bed and with Noh later sleeping on Phun’s chest. It is a very cute scene. This is also one of the few times in season 1 where we see both Noh and Phun laughing and smiling. Later on, it will be all angst and longing between these two. You won’t get another laughing scene until season 2, if my memory serves me right.

I will also tell you that the most critical scene of the season is approaching. So be patient, you will be rewarded, eventually.

The filler scene at the acting class is meant to introduce us to Shay and Pop. These two (very handsome) actors will have a very interesting story line that gets more developed in season 2. For now, just know that Phun’s sister and her friends, ship these two boys very hard. Are they in a real relationship? I won’t answer this for you. You will have to wait until season 2 to find out.

The ending quotes alludes to Noh taking care of Phun even when Phun is pretty much neglecting himself. He didn’t put any ointment on his back or front because he was “lazy” and he went shopping with Aim even though he was clearly sick. Noh is the “best friend” who is loving him when he forgot to love himself.

Times Captain shook his head in this episode: At least 4. Are you guys keeping track?

Memorable moment: When Noh pinches Phun’s nipple. I laughed so hard because it is something my husband would do.

Episode rating: 3.5/5 This episode has a couple of memorable scenes and has White once more show us his beautiful chest and nipples (LOL) but it had some awkward moments including Captain’s head shaking, and that out-of-nowhere Acting Class scene. Did you know that Pan was in an acting class? I didn’t, until I watched this episode.

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