Second Chance The Series: Review And Analysis

Synopsis The series follows a group of friends, Tong Fah, Paper, and Chris. Chris is the more outgoing of the 3. He plays the drums, practices Muay Thai, and is just a general cool guy. Tong Fah is the quieter of the 3. He plays basketball with his friends, seems to be very emotional andContinue reading “Second Chance The Series: Review And Analysis”

Love Sick Season 2 Episode 4

Synopsis Om makes fun of Noh and gossips about Earn getting hammered at the party the night before. Apparently, when Noh asked for more drinks, the boys came back with the drinks for Noh but Earn stopped them. The boys insisted someone should drink the drinks, so Earn drinks them and gets drunk very quickly.Continue reading “Love Sick Season 2 Episode 4”