Website update and The BL Clinic Podcast

I know that blogging is to some degree, a completely self-absorbed and egotistic enterprise. I write about what I like, I tell you what I think even if you didn’t ask me and I do it to satisfy no one except myself. So it is only natural that I added podcasting to this website, right?

In all seriousness, I have been pretty happy with the “success” of this blog. The BL world is a small world, and I am happy to see this blog get hits every day. I know that the most popular blog is the one that talks about “The History of Thai BL”. This blog is the top result for that search query on google (at least at the time of this writing!). That means that folks who are looking to learn about Thai BL often find this page useful.

So, the first news I want to share with you is that I recently paid to have ads taken off the website. I currently own the domain for this site, which means that readers of the blog should enjoy a better experience.

The second piece of news I want to share is that although Love Sick and the other “historical” series will remain the main focus of this blog, I will try to add more reviews of currently airing series, as well as add discussion of other topics.

Lastly, as the title of this blog implies, I have started a BLOG called the BL Clinic with my friend Sister Unity. Sister Unity is a drag nun from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and a Hollywood-trained actor. As I state in the official description on the Anchor website: two queer men, a doctor and a nun, discuss the latest news about BL and diagnose the ailments and virtues of currently and past airing series.

To join us on our weekly podcast, you can look for the BL Clinic on Spotify or you can look for us at our anchor website:

Thank you! Please keep supporting this blog by liking the posts, subscribing and sharing the content!

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