Lovesick Season 2: Overview

The gang is back for Season 2 of the classic, Love Sick: The Series.

As I sat down to watch the final episodes of Love Sick Season 1 back in 2018, I remember having a sinking feeling. Soon it would all be over, no more Noh and no more Phun. I knew Season 2 existed, but could I really watch it? Will I be able to find it subbed? Turns out, all 36 episodes are subbed and there is also a subbed version consisting of only the BL scenes (BL cut). At the time I watched, the BL cut was much easier to find than the complete season 2.

I think it took me about 8 months or more to watch the BL cut of season 2. I started some time around December 2018 and I finished in August 2019. Season 2 is LONG. (I was also reading the book at the same time I watched season 2 and I also watched season 1 again that year, plus I was watching other series that were currently airing in 2019).

With the exception of a special chapter, narrated by Phun, some explicit comments by Noh, and a few differences here and there, the entire series closely mirrors the book. Season 2 begins exactly where season 1 ended. In season 2, we witness Noh struggling with his feelings for Phun, Phun struggling to keep his hands off Noh, and the girls trying to understand why the boys are more into each other than they are into them. There is jealousy, rivalry, and family conflicts. Ultimately, love raises triumphantly. If you asked me what Love Sick is about, I would say it is really about love, plain and simple.

Love sick season 2 was the first Thai series to feature multiple BL couples. Per, the guy who lost the club’s money to a fraudulent lottery scheme in season 1, gets a potential partner in his neighbor Win. Earn, who we last saw lusting over Noh in season 1, also becomes a significant rival to Phun and ends up getting his own side story (which sadly ends nowhere). Om, Noh’s best friend, meets Mick during band practice, and soon begins developing feelings for him. There is also Shay and Pop, but I won’t say much because I don’t want to spoil there story. Overall each of these stories has an ending, though some may find the ambiguity of the ending unsatisfactory.

Why should you watch Season 2 of Love Sick? If you watch season 1, you need to know how things end between Noh and Phun, so you will need to watch season 2. Although there is a lot of angst in this season, the PhunNoh story is really satisfying. I promise. Season 2 also gave us what is, in my humble opinion, the best line I have heard in a BL (or LGBQT show for that matter), during this exchange between Jeed and Noh:

Jeed: “Noh, are you gay?”
Noh: [in direct response to Jeed using the word gay] “I call it love”

If you can appreciate the beauty in that line, then I am sure you will love season 2.

OK. Let’s go watch!

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